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    Released on 1 December 2018

    Type:  Patch

    • Fixed an issue when saving the "HR Manage Users" security group where locations weren't being saved.
    • Attachments for records can now be renamed and deleted
    • Fixed an error when trying to modify an email notification template
    • It is now possible to make activities inactive which will hide them from the workflow designer.
    • Fixed a small bug on the decision editor when creating an expression for a non-lookup field / entry.
    • Decision activities have been upgraded to the new platform.  Any decision activities in templates created in earlier versions will need to be recreated.
    • Decision expressions can now evaluate the initial record and initial form in addition to a previous activity (as before).  A decision can now evaluate multiple sources at a time.
    • Removed duplicate recipients in email notifications.  Some people were added in both the To (as Participant) and Cc (as Subscriber) fields.
    • Fixed an issue where participants in the next activity didn't receive email notifications when the workflow moved to between two activities
    • Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to cancel a workflow from the Windows application
     Job Profiling & Performance

    We've started with our Performance Management System development in order to upgrade the module to the new platform.

    • Added a new field on the Component Type Editor:  Caption for Definition.  Allows clients to customise the caption to be displayed for a profile component's definition field.
    • Created a new wizard for creating review processes in a batch from the Windows application
    • Added built-in functionality to recalculate reviews from the Windows application
    • Removed the temporary PMS Plugin that has been made obsolete by these improvements
    • Fixed issue where participants of a review could capture results under the wrong participant if both users work on the same computer
    • Notification template editor for New Review Processes now lists the available tags
     Leave Administration
    • Fixed an issue where leave applications were listed twice on the "Applications to Approve" page
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