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    In This Topic

    Released on 15 November 2018

    Type:  Patch

    • Fixed an error when adding all 3 leave groups as filter fields to the employee manager
    • Streamlined installation procedure for the temporary dual web applications
     System Configuration
    • Fixed an issue where Plugin Roles didn't display in the Security Group Editor
    • Upgraded the web Notice Board editor to the new platform and removed some of the strict validations
    • Added a theme constant for Hover Text Colour in the header
     Workflows, Forms & Tasklists
    • Fixed an issue where the type of Matrix Entry (Checkbox or Radio) didn't save correctly
    • Fixed a spelling error on the Task Editor and simplified the column filters on the Tasklist editor
     HR Manage Online
    • Fixed an "Unauthorized" error when trying to save a component when designing a review profile
    • Fixed a "Not found" issue when completing a review
    • Applied the new Theme constant for Hover Text colour
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