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    In This Topic

    Released on 1 March 2021

    Type:  Medium Upgrade

    • Upgraded 3rd party components (web widgets and reporting)
    • Created the base structures for the new integration platform for importing data from external payrolls and sources.
    • Fixed a bug when trying to clear the Parent Position from a Position.
    • Clicking the Leave Run button on the Leave Record Manager was still opening the old / legacy Leave Run screen.
    • When creating a new location in system configuration (branch, department, etc.), an error would occur when trying to save without selecting a colour code for the organisational chart.  Now, by default a colour will be selected when opening the "New Location" screen which will prevent the error.
    • Fixed an issue when opening the Employee Report Designer.
    • #003353:  Fixed error when merging employees.
    • Migrated the custom fields for the Compliance Requirements to the new platform.
    • An expiry date can now be specified as mandatory for specific compliance requirements.  Expiry date must be in the future and not too far in the future based on the settting in the requirement type.


    • Fixed an issue when clicking Delete on a Training Attachment (button wasn't doing anything).
    • Fixed an issue when deleting an attachment from a Training Invoice (attachment wasn't being deleted when saved).
    • #003342:  Requesting the default certificate format for requested training does not request the certificate (nothing happens).
    • #003247:  When browsing for employees to add to a training event, the advanced search functionality wasn't working.
    • #003367 & #003370:  Fixed the issue where clicking the Save & Print button on the certificate(s) editor, only saved without printing.


    • For "Field from Record" form entries, it is now possible to specify a Code and whether the field is required or optional.
    • New "Import from Workflow" activity for onboarding.  It can create a new employee using the data captured in a workflow.  The activity will automatically set the newly created employee as the "Target Person" of the workflow after creation.
    • The Workflow Template library was still listing deleted Categories regardless of the "Show Inactive" setting.
    • It is now possible to include the Workflow.TargetRecord tag in the "Generate Document" activity.
    • Fixed an issue where specifying a Job Title as the Target Record, where the browser didn't display properly.
    • Fixed an issue where selecting certain types of records to be the Target Record for a workflow, wasn't saving the reference to the record.
    • Fixed an issue when saving a form with a matrix question.


     Performance Management
    • Further support for 360 reviews.  Each participant type can now be customised as to whose ratings and comments can be seen.  Each participant type (Main Reviewer, Employee, Formal Reviewer and Informal Reviewer) can be specified to view:
      • All Ratings & Comments  (default)
      • Only own Ratings & Comments captured
      • Only Main Reviewer's Ratings & Comments (in addition to own)
      • Only Main Reviewer and Employee's Ratings & Comments (in addition to own)


     Leave Administration
    • #003325:  Fixed issue when applying to sell leave from the Windows application. 
    • #003270:  Fixed the appearance of the leave planner when applying for leave.
    • #003340:  Created a new option for manually specifying the duration (without limits) during leave application.
    • #003357:  Fixed issue where leave wasn't being forfeit according to the settings on the leave type during the leave run.
    • Fixed an issue with the leave run rollback that deleted non-accrual records.