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    Released on 1 December 2020

    Type:  Minor Upgrade

     Employee Management
    • #003266 - Fixed a bug when trying to select an External Company for an employee
    • #003311 - Created a new security role for viewing Designated Positions and Fast Track information for employees.
    • #003219 - Temp Linked Persons can now be updated in bulk
     Training Administration
    • #003308 - Fixed a bug on the Training Location field in the Training Event / Record editor when opening and saving.
    • #003284 - Adding interventions as sub-interventions for a parent intervention will now ensure that only the correct types can be linked.
    • Allow capturing of Custom Extra Data (see Custom Fields platform below under Other) for Interventions, Providers, Training Events and Records.
    • Bursary module has been upgraded and now features:
      • Simpler / modern user interface
      • Totals displayed
      • Attachments
      • Main / Default Training Record selection (for displaying in reports or when listing bursaries)
      • Full Change Log
      • Custom Reports can be designed for bursaries using the Internal Report Designer.
    • Bursary details can now be viewed directly from the Training Record Editor
    • A checkbox column is available on the Training Record Manager to see which training records are linked to a bursary.
    • The legacy training module has now been completed phased out.
    • Security can be enforced on training types by linking a security group.
     Leave Administration
    • #003268 - Fixed a bug when trying to delete a Leave Group
    • #003272 - Fixed a bug where Applications to Sell Leave weren't being displayed in the To Approve list online.
    • Report Wizard has been upgraded to the new platform.
    • Upgraded the configuration to the new platform and it is now possible to configure the leave run in the module setup.
    • Custom fields / Extra data platform for capturing additional custom defined fields for records.
      • This is an upgrade from the original Custom Fields platform (as seen on the Employee module), but with several improvements:
      • More core fields can be specified.  10 of each type.
      • Multiple custom field types supported:  Lookup, Integer, Decimal number, Currency, Date/Time, Short Text, Long Text.
    • Fixed an issue when importing report designs from file.
    • Fixed a bug when printing Section Reports with sub-reports (sub-reports weren't generating any data).
    • Fixed an issue that caused workflows to get stuck when in-progress activities get removed from the Workflow Template.  This happens when an administrator makes changes to the design of a workflow template while there are workflows in progress that are based on that template, specifically when the workflows are busy with the activities being removed from the template.
    • The new Generate Document activity can now include tags that refer to meta data of workflow activities themselves.  Meta data like Who started the activity and when, who signed it off, etc.
    • Users can now attempt to repair their own stuck workflows.
    • It is now possible to set up a notice that appears when a user logs in that must first be accepted before using the online site.  Used for POPI terms and conditions.
    • Modified the Email Account editor to allow for a blank username and password (for use with internal domains).
    • Created a workaround where duplicate email notifications would be sent when some mail servers incorrectly report that valid recipients are invalid.  The incorrect errors received from some mail servers cause the email notification to "fail" (even though it did send successfully) and then attempt to send again which results in duplicate notifications.
    • #003244 & #003301 - Fixed a bug where the Target Person wasn't being set on a workflow where "Use Creator" was selected in the template.
    • Created the base for our new API platform
      • Administrators can now create API Keys in HR Manage that will be used by external systems to interact with HR Manage APIs.  The API Keys define the public and private keys as well as encryption settings.
      • The next version will see some new standard APIs being developed for HR Manage and we'll implement this new platform for custom developed APIs as well.
     Performance Management
    • Fixed a bug when saving a shared Rating Set.
    • Fixed a bug when attempting to create new review processes online.