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    Released on 31 August 2020

    Type:  Major Upgrade


    • Changes to lookup tables will now be logged in the system's ChangeLog.
    • Added a Holidays Leave Group to the Company Locations.  Will be used to determine public holidays when scheduling training and other features in future.
    • Fixed an issue that broke the Report Designer.


    • We have developed the ability to create API Keys that can be used by external systems to interact with HR Manage.
      • A public key, private key and encryption specifications can be defined for each API key which will apply to all communications between HR Manage and the external system using the API key.
    • There are still a number of standard APIs to be developed but this will be the new method for integration with HR Manage.


     Employee Management

    Change Control

    • Change Control has been migrated.  Employees can now request changes online on their personal details.
      • Email notification for change requests can now be customised.
      • A new email notification will also be sent upon completion of the change request.
      • Comments can be captured per field being approved / rejected.

    External Company Library

    • Migrated to new platform.
    • Compliance Requirements functionality has been restored.
    • New tab added that shows the Change Log history for the record.

    Organisational Chart

    • Can now be viewed online

    Online Features

    • Functionality has been expanded to allow filtering and listing people based on user's security instead of limiting only to listing sub-ordinates.  Needs special security to enable this.


     Training Administration

    We've migrated the Training module to our new platform.


    • We've upgraded the dashboard for the training module to show 2 pie charts of the state of current training events and records.
    • We've upgraded the Employee Training screen to show a pie chart of the employee's state of training, what is expiring, what has expired and what is in progress, with quick filters to list records of each category.

    Service Providers

    • Custom Fields can now be defined for training service providers (postponed for 5.2.2).
    • Service Providers can now have compliance requirements linked to them.
    • When creating new providers, the system will check for duplicates.
    • New tab added that shows the Change Log history for the record.

    Training Venues & Rooms

    • Migrated to the new platform.
    • The Map that could be attached to venues have been removed and now uses the attachments feature instead.  Please re-attach your maps / directions after the upgrade.
    • Rooms can now be marked as Inactive.

    Intervention Library

    • Custom Fields can now be defined for learning interventions (postponed for 5.2.2).
    • When creating new interventions, the system will check for duplicates.
    • Editor has been simplified and streamlined  (everything can be edited on the main tab).
    • New tab added that shows the Change Log history for the record.
    • Created UI for managing the Intervention Code Type lookup table (to enable capturing different types of reference numbers for interventions).
    • Now possible to view not only the sub-interventions as before, but also the parent interventions and service providers that an intervention is linked to.
    • Training Categories can now have parent categories (2 levels).

    New Training Wizard

    • We've created a new single wizard for creating Training Events and Records.  The new wizard will enable users to schedule training faster than before, in batches with the least amount of clicks.

    Training Editors

    • The Training Event and Training Record editors have been migrated to the new platform.  They are now ready to be extended with custom fields and new functionality in upcoming versions.
    • Both editors now uses the grid-based editing which allows expanding on fields (i.e. Intervention, Provider, etc.) to display additional details from the library.
    • A new propagate option can be specified per Event or Record to manually specify which fields must automatically be copied to all the sub-records when changed on the parent.
    • A new Change Log tab will show history of users who made changes to the record.
    • Other new features on the Training Event Editor
      • Simpler management of Event status
      • New options and features for Costs:
        • Auto Calculation can be specified:  None, Sum of Invoices or Sum of Records.
        • Costs can automatically be propagated to sub-records via a setting
        • 3 columns will display for the costs to enable a bird's-eye view:  Amount (for event), Total from Records, Total from Invoices.  If an Auto Calculation is selected, the Amount column will become read-only and will automatically match one of the other 2 columns.
    • Other new features on the Training Record Editor
      • Simpler management of Training Status, including setting the Date Competent and Expiry Date with less clicks.  The "Completed - Not Signed Off" status now also has an optional "Reason for not signed off" that can be selected.
      • Costs will automatically be read-only if the parent event is specified as "Propagate costs to records".
      • Sub-Training can be added with the click of a button.
    • The Training Batch Updater has been simplified and converted to a wizard-style editor.  As an action is selected, validations are applied on the selected training records to ensure that editing will be valid.  If the selection is invalid, removing the offending records will immediately refresh the wizard.  Some other improvements include:
      • When capturing scores, additional fields are now available for editing in the grid:  Ext Certificate Nr, Certificate Received Date, Learnership Contract Nr, Notes.
      • When updating common fields, the HR practitioners can now also be updated in a batch IF 1) the selected records are all from the same training provider or 2) the training provider is updated with the HR practitioners (to ensure that everyone will be linked to the same provider).

    e-Learning Integration

    • We've developed basic integration classes for integrating with e-Learning platforms.
    • As standard, we've included integration with LearnTech's PhoenixLMS via api and new platforms can be added with relatively little work.

    Certification Module

    • Migrated to the new platform
    • There are now 12 certificate statuses:  Requested, 8x customisable statuses, Issued and then Declined and Cancelled.  Each customisable status can be enabled / disabled and renamed.
    • For each Certificate Format, it is now possible to specify which statuses apply to that format, who must approve each status and in what order.
      • After upgrading to this version, each Certificate Format will need to be reconfigured with this new settings in order for the Certificate module to work again.
    • We have moved the certificate design and printing to the new reporting platform that is using the Active Reports 14 engine.  We're making the old Active Reports 6 based engine obsolete.  This means that all certificate designs will have to be imported and fixed on the new platform after the upgrade in order to keep printing certificates.
    • Certificates can be requested and updated, either one-by-one or in batches.


     Forms and Workflows
    • Fixed the skip-logic on a form activity when the question is a Dropdown list.
    • Fixed issue with skip-logic when opening a saved form that hasn't been completed yet.
    • On the Question Editor, when clicking the Save & New button, the Form Entry Code didn't reset.
    • Changelog entries will now be created for Creating new workflows, incidents, review processes as well as for starting activities.
    • Major performance improvements for concurrent users creating and managing workflows.



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