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    In This Topic

    Released on 21 February 2020

    Type:  Major Upgrade


    • Fixed a bug where sending the login details via the online recovery tool didn't send properly.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented attachments from being moved to an external database.
    • Fixed a security bug that prevented users to log in using their AD credentials.
    • Windows users can now view login attempts and user activity reports on their accounts from the login editor.
    • Upgraded all 3rd party components.
    • #003205:  Bug on the Position / Employee selector.  Incorrect lookups were populated in the Employee Type and Job Grade dropdowns.
    • Improved various pages to generate proper Support Codes in the event of an overall error.


     Employee Management
    • Migrated the Employee View page over to the new platform.            
    • #003175:  Function created to delete compliance requirements from history (new security role created for this function).
    • Employees can add / edit / remove their relatives themselves.  To enable, link the "Web:  Manage Relatives" security role to the Everyone group.
    • Created new temporary relationship types for people to be temporarily linked to each other.  This will be used by the new workflow activity.
    • Updated legacy code for the Disciplinary Actions to use the new function for deleting disciplinary actions which will properly log the action.
    • Municipality and Bank Branch editors in Program Setup has been migrated and incorporated into the lookup tables.



    New Activity:  Generate Document

    • Will perform a mail merge on a Word document using information captured in the workflow.
    • Resulting file will be saved as an attachment in the workflow.
    • Can save to either a Word or Pdf document.

    New Activity:  Decision (Link People)

    • Can evaluate the same things as the original Decision activity.
    • Each expression is assigned to a Person or Position.
    • One of the Target Person or Sender's temporary relationship types will be assigned to the matched Person or Position.
    • The newly assigned Person / Position can then be used as responsible people for activities later in the workflow.

    Other updates

    • Created two administrator functions for use in the Workflow Editor, Review Process Editor and Incident Editor:
      • Revert Status of an activity (Undo complete).  Requires a security role to be added.
      • Delete / Cancel an activity
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes doesn't allow you to revert the status of a Sign Off activity.
    • Created a Copy and Paste feature for Decision activities to copy and duplicate Decision Expressions within the workflow.
    • #003172:  Fixed an issue in the Workflow Report Wizard where the fields from the activities weren't displaying correctly.
    • #003191:  Created new security roles to only allow certain users to perform the following actions on workflows:  Force Complete & Delete
    • When a Tasklist's status is changed to Cancelled or Completed, all incomplete tasks are set to Cancelled.
    • Created a Filter function for the Workflow Library (Under the Advanced & Plugins ribbon tab).


     Performance Management
    • Couple of enhancements to the Consistency Review module.            
    • #003165:  Fixed a bug where the Secondary Reviewer in a review couldn't print the overall review.
    • #003171:  Fixed a bug in the Activity Participant editor when configuring "Multiple participants via Random Selection".
    • #003206:  Fixed a bug where a review template is configured to use an earlier activity as source for review profile, it failed to determine the source review.
    • Consistency Reviews
      • Fixed an issue where Consistency Reviews were hidden from the management area if the status is in "Being Finalised".
      • If the Consistency Review's status is currently set as "Started", it will automatically move to "In Progress" once people starts capturing.
      • If a Consistency Review is cancelled, the scores will no longer display on the reviews for which CR scores were captured.


     Leave Administration
    • #003176:  Fixed a bug where Balance and Calculations were shown when applying for leave, even though option was deselected in Leave Type editor.
    • Fixed a bug where the filter didn't apply when viewing leave history.
    • Upgraded the Web Reporting to the new platform.
    • Fixed a bug where the Cancellation Permission rule for the leave type was not being followed.
    • Migrated the leave notifications to the new email platform.  The "Add to Outlook" attachment has been removed from the emails, but the notification template can now be configured to have a link in the email which will perform the same function.  A button called "Add to Outlook" will also be on the Leave Application page.
    • Upgraded the Leave Types configuration.  It is now possible to specify the following options / rules:
      • Approval Notification Group - Specify a recipient group that will receive an email notification when a leave application of the specified type has been approved.
      • Overflow Leave Type - If specified, a new application for the specified type of leave will automatically be split into two if there isn't enough leave credits available.  The second / split application will be of the Overflow type.