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    Released on 2 May 2019

    Type:  Major Upgrade

    This is a upgrade includes the complete upgraded Performance Management module as well as various improvements and fixes.


     Core Upgrades


    • Attachments for records can now be renamed and deleted.



    • Created the ability to link multiple Active Directories to HR Manage for authentication
    • Both the User Account editor (Windows application), the Registration page (online) and Update User page (online) has been updated to accommodate multiple active directories.


    Customisation (Online)

    • Registration & Password Recovery
      • It is now possible to specify which fields can be used for identifying and confirming identity
      • Fixed a syntax error on the Password Recovery popup
    • Navigation Menu
      • Created the option to hide the Employees & Job Profiling and Other menu items
      • Under the Performance menu, "Your Reviews" as Formal and Informal participant will only display if there are any to display.
    • General
      • Created the option to collapse filter boxes on listing screens by default



    • Fixed a bug where custom added styles would not reload when opening a theme



    • Reports designed using our Internal Reporting Platform can now be exported to Excel.  Previously only Pdf and Word were available options.
     Performance Management

    This version includes the full release of the new performance review module which has been greatly simplified and integrated with the recently released workflow module.

    Reviews (changes from beta version)

    • Improved creation that is less likely to result in an error when a secondary participant doesn't exist.
    • Now supports 2 custom fallback options to use as the source profile to create a review with if the primary profile doesn't exist.  Defined in review template.
    • An on-screen notification appears after successfully submitting a review.
    • Secondary reviewers can now again be defined in the workflow activity.
    • Can now be started by either the Main Reviewer, Secondary Reviewer or Employee.
    • Can now design the review profile by Adding existing components from the Profile Component Library.


    Review Templates

    • Created a new Customisation tab that allows advanced customisation of reviews and their behaviour, including:
      • Names of the Ratings, Comments and Design buttons on the review.
      • Default view when opening a review:  Inputs from all participants, Inputs for logged in participant only or Hide all inputs
      • Show / Hide a Submit button in the toolbar
      • Specify the position of the comments block (before or after ratings)
      • Custom text to prompt on the Sign Off and Set Complete popups.
      • Show / Hide column headers for review profile.
      • Option to view list of links to past reviews of the same type.


    Other fixes

    • Rating Sets - Fixed a bug when trying to create a new rating set with values without saving the blank rating set first
    • Review Schedules - Fixed a bug where the date range was not being saved


    • When listing workflows, a new column has been added to see the Current Activity.
    • Subscribers can now view all activities in the workflow that they're subscribed to.
    • People involved in an activity will be added to the parent workflow as subscribers if they aren't already.
    • When opening a workflow, all activities will be expanded by default to reduce the number of clicks for accessing completed activities.
    • Fixed issue in tasklist where optional tasks had to be completed before signing off the tasklist was allowed.
    • Summary of tasks will display in the tasklist header.
    • Defined three new types of email notifications for workflows:
      • Notification to targets when completing an activity
      • Notification to subscribers when completing an activity
      • Notification to everyone when completing a workflow
    • Fixed an issue where wrong subscribers (from Workflow Categories) were added to newly created workflows.
    • Tasklists can now be completed when optional tasks are still outstanding.
    • Fixed an error that occurred when creating a new root workflow category.
     Employees & Compliance
    • Fixed the "Compare to Requirements" report which mixed active and inactive compliance requirements which resulted in unpredictable reports.
    • The history for compliance requirements can now be used and history can be viewed.





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